Troubleshooing Avahi Address Resolution

As noted in my Arch setup monsterpost, I have learned to set up a new network printer as follows:

# lpadmin -p imageRUNNER1133 -L “HiWi-Raum\ Mediävistik” -E -v dnssd://Canon%20imageRUNNER1133%20series._pdl-datastream._tcp.local/ -m cel-ir1133-pcl-en.ppd

Unfortunately, when I got back from vacation the network printer threw an “unable to locate printer” error whenever I sent it a print job. As I had been using Avahi address resolution, I suspect that’s where the problem is, but the Avahi daemon appears to be running fine.

To get around the issue, I’ve reverted to IP-based addressing, thus:

# lpadmin -p imageRUNNER1133 -L “HiWi-Raum\ Mediävistik” -E -v ldp:// -m cel-ir1133-pcl-en.ppd

It is also worth noting, perhaps, that there’s a tool called system-config-printer that allows for easy graphical printer setup.

posted by paul on 10 sep mmxviii at 09:35 EST
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